week 14


today all of your type conference process is due by the end of class. post anything not already on your blogs that will make a strong case for the amount of work you did to arrive at your final project. the two main criteria i use are "consistent level of effort" (not a burst of effort at the end) and a "logical and thorough (iterations!) path". the amount of stuff you've posted in the past week vs all weeks prior should say something about the former criterion...

this week, monday and friday
take advantage of this last week to do the following to improve your projects:
- run additional type experiments
- refine documentation of your type experiments, packaging them into a portfolio-worthy piece
- revise/improve type conference materials based on critique
- add new type conference materials to round out your system


if you just can't bring yourself to do any of that, or are satisfied with it all, do this!

regardless of what you do, be absolutely sure to show me the results so i can factor that effort into your final grade. revisions to assigned projects will be averaged with your existing project grade and will typically boost your standing. any noteworthy effort made in the new activity above will be noted when you are on the edge of a grade, and could easily bump you into the higher category.

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