week 13


crit will be over two class sessions -- monday and friday of next week. monday will be quick set-up presentations, open discussion, and written feedback for your peers.

friday will feature three guest critics (kcai alumni) who will act as your client (the typecon board) and you will present to them and hear their feedback.

prep before monday and friday classes:
  •  make a post on your blog titled "T4 type conference criticism" and post your logotype.
  • work together to determine space allocation for all groups and individuals. should be similar to last big crit. don't plan for projection usage.
  • have all mock-ups ready and pinned up or on a table.
  • have screen-based work on your laptop on a table for review.
  • for grading purposes, place any digital work in my CAS dropbox. name the file or folder “T4_lastname”. add multiple last names for group work.

monday presentations:
 2 or 3 minutes max, since everyone should know the basics of everyone's work.
5 minutes open discussion.
3 minutes written critique. each group crits two other groups via the comments on their blog.

friday presentations:
6 minutes max. this should be a professional presentation, such as you would give to the client. a realistic client in this situation is a group of designers (the SoTA board, AIGA board, etc) so speak appropriately with them in mind.

include the following brief statements (please be concise):
  • recap of your conference theme,
  • an overview (tell AND show) of how the visual identity reflects the theme,
  • where each artifact fits into the communications timeline (when and where the attendees see this piece), 
  • whether that artifact is primarily practical, poetic, or persuasive,
  • any other information you feel would make a strong case for your work.
the presentation portion of your grade will be determined by how well you address each of the above requirements. overall level of professionalism and smoothness of the presentation will also be considered.

our guests will then give their feedback (about 4 minutes max) and you will either take notes yourself or have a classmate take notes for you so you can listen carefully.  each session will be about 10 minutes total.

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