week 10C


in class
lecture: typographic details 2
work day / desk cris

the next deadline -- monday april 12 -- is to have all of your identity elements nearly finalized and ready to apply to any and all things you might make. work toward having decisions made about the logotype; color palette; secondary elements such as patterns, textures, additional graphic elements, etc; and additional typefaces for subheads, body copy, etc. make sure all of those elements are working together to visually communicate what your conference theme is all about. having the ingredients (identity elements) is one thing, but mixing them in the right amounts is another (application).

it will be very helpful to not only have visuals of each of the above elements separately for evaluation, but also have super-quick test applications like we did before, so you can judge the validity of your elements in a practical context. 

daily schedule for remainder of the semester
april 12 main identity elements due.

april 16 tight sketches for all artifacts.

april 19 final concept maps/timelines due. final designs for all artifacts.

april 23 production. detailing type and content. production, test prints, user feedback, etc.

april 26 final crit part I

april 30 final crit part II

may 3 blog process due.

may 7 re-dos due. prep for reviews.


Tom Morse-Brown said...

On your April 19th post it says final designs? Can you clarify on that, cause you have test prints required a week later...
Muchas gracias.

thenewprogramme said...

tom and i talked about this, but for everyone's sake, by "designs" i mean the basic concept and composition, but you still might have production to do on images or type refinements and such. i view "design" as separate from "production files", which are totally prepped and ready to go to print with high res images, correct color, etc.