week 10 A


1. timeline/concept map
due monday april 19
for 15% of your final grade
grading criteria (again)
- clarity and logic of spatial organization (does it follow any principles of information design?)
- typographic craft
- breadth and depth of insights
- craft of presentation

2. conference materials+identity standards doc
due monday april 26 and friday april 30
for 40% of your final grade

conference materials grading criteria
- demonstrate the technical / perceptual differences and potentials of type on screen and in print at a basic level. (does the typography capitalize well on its media?)
- visualize abstract concepts through expressive and/or experimental typographic form at a proficient level. (does the typography visually show your concepts well?)
- apply your individual visual / verbal perspective to projects through writing, research, and content development at a basic level. (is your writing/work embodying how you think typography should be designed/used?)
- integrate your existing typographic knowledge with compelling and appropriate form, image, sequence and narrative at a proficient level
- apply knowledge of motion, duration, and transition to time-based type projects at a basic level.
- consistently apply knowledge of fine typographic detail at a proficient level.
- raise interesting and sustainable questions about the fundamental aspects of typographic form.

identity / i.d. standards doc grading criteria
- conceptual innovation of identity elements and their assembly/combination(s). (identity)
- appropriateness of visual form to content. (identity)
- clarity of visual and written material. (standards)
- balance of thoroughness and brevity. (standards)
- usefulness and relevance to an audience of designers, programmers, production personnel. (standards)

3. blog process (unlabeled posts will not be reviewed)
due monday may 3
included as the process portion of the above 40%

- written theme
- designer bio(s)
- concept map/timeline development
- concept map/timeline final
- identity development
- design development
- overview of final i.d. standards
- final conference materials

the last week before finals will be devoted to re-dos and polishing any elements of your system. any improvements made this week will be reflected in your grade.

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