week 10 B

in class
process crit on typographic identity work

identify the artifacts you plan to design in the next 3 weeks and post to your blog. set realistic goals and prioritize the pieces. in your writing, discuss what interactions are happening that create a need for your particular artifacts. simple example: there is a need for people to make acquaintences so i'm making nametags.

continue with identity development

finalize concept map+timeline [DUE MONDAY APRIL 19]
i'm working on simple feedback for these, and will have that to you soon. 
- print in color, tiling is acceptable but must be well crafted
- don’t neglect the goals and principles of information design
- add your conference title in the center
- make all content areas as specific as possible
- add any new content you deem necessary
- label each communication on the timeline as primarily practical, poetic, or persuasive
- list the most obvious context/setting for each artifact (where will it appear?)
- make sure timeline scale is consistent
- make sure the artifacts are specifically named
- make sure your time units are clearly and specifically labeled

together, both pieces will be reviewed for 15% of your final grade.

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