week 12


the following criteria are taken from the larger list of course objectives in the syllabus

• interpret verbal or abstract concepts through typography at a proficient level. (is the visual form meaningful?)
• apply ideas and abilities in typographic expression, conceptual interpretation, and experimentation at a proficient level. (are you trying new things, applying your experiments, and being expressive where appropriate?)
• apply individual visual / verbal perspectives to projects through writing, research, and content development at a basic level. (does your design hold true to what you believe in, how you believe it should function? is your theme thoughtful? speakers well chosen? does all of the content make sense and fit together well?)
• integrate accumulated typographic knowledge with form, image, sequence and narrative. (how well is your typography integrated with other design elements?)
• apply knowledge of pacing, duration, and transition to time-based type projects at a basic level. (especially true of motion graphics and animated banner ads, but everything is time-based on some level. are you considering this carefully at micro and macro levels?)
• consistently apply knowledge of fine typographic detail – small caps, dashes, ligatures, lining and non-lining figures, baseline grids, technical issues, and so on – to all projects at a proficient level. (how well did you apply all the content from the series of five review lectures?)

these are all of the things that will be considered in the “project objectives” portion of your project grade. the typographic detail stuff will figure into craft and presentation issues. the other half of your grade is the same -- participation and process.

i have a pretty decent idea of your process from my desk crits with you, but please add any process to your blogs that will bolster your case for a logical and thorough process effort.

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