week 6


project objectives
- raise interesting and sustainable questions about the fundamental aspects of typographic form. how well did you do this? what is the quality and potential of the questions you asked? were the results interesting? was the pursuit passionate? what was learned?
- apply individual visual / verbal perspectives to projects through writing, research, and content development at a basic level. how much of your perspective is evident in this work? how much does your blog writing reflect opinions you are forming about your work?
- integrate accumulated typographic knowledge with form, image, sequence and narrative. how well have you built upon what you already know about form-making, type & image, storytelling, etc. in this work? does this look like type IV-level work?

- arrangement of crit space
- clear and understandable presentation of your experiments and results
- overall craft and attention to detail in individual studies

participation (clarity of description, thoughtfulness, quality of insights)
- during final crit
- process writing on your blog

- how well you were prepared for desk crits in class
- thoroughness of process documented on your blogs

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