week 5B

monday march1 and friday march 5
8:00 to 10:00 each day

format (same thing on both days)
100 minutes total
30 minutes open discussion
30 minutes brief presentations 9 students (graded) = 3 min max, each
40 minutes paper crit 9 students (graded) = 4 min each

wall and table spaces have been assigned based on your requests. sunday night at 9:00 i will post the classroom layout and you will know who we are critting monday vs friday. everyone should be ready to roll monday regardless of when you go, because we will get the new project monday and there won't be time to noodle around with more stuff before friday's crit. 

your presentation
state briefly what questions you were asking; ideas, methods and processes used to pursue those questions; and what you learned about type through this process. three minutes max.

written crits
i will have written forms for everyone to fill out for all of your classmates. you will have about 4 minutes at each person's space to look at work and make constructive critical comments.

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