week 3


recall from last week’s research the key type designers, graphic designers, or non-designers engaged in your typographic area of interest. select one contemporary example you feel best represents this area and write a brief but informative bio on them. write for a graphic design audience -- give us all the usual info a fellow designer would be interested in.

read “it is beautiful...then gone”, by martin venezky, pp 60-67, 80-91, about martin’s reebok and sundance processes. the book is on on library reserve.

post to your blog some of the things you’ve been making and what you’ve learned about typography through your making.

for monday (in one week), bring everything you've made for a massive show and tell. we will browse the work as a group and talk about what we're learning, difficulties we've had, and where to go from here.


Tom Morse-Brown said...

That reading is great. I love the process of discovery in the Sundance project: getting multiple people to do art devoid of much interaction with each other, he never really knew what would happen when they brought everything together... but it worked! The design rocks!
I do like his desire for a foundational context before going forward. Having that in place at the beginning would help the individual artists. Words like 'unpredictable' (talking about the festival), 'equally spontaneous and dramatic' and the 'do it yourself spirit of independent film' it sounds like would have been some of the ideas used as pillars for the artists explorations.

thenewprogramme said...

venezky is awesome. we were very fortunate to have him speak and give a workshop last year (i think it was last year, maybe two years ago). i really enjoy his process, although it seems like it would be very hard for the average designer to pull of something with his level of detail and unpredictability. his previous work and reputation certainly help put people at ease though, because they can have an idea of the general result they will get.