week 8 A

in class
- discuss “crystal goblet” reading
- review conference titles and descriptions (read aloud). make decisions about conference titles.
- lecture: principles of information graphics
- lecture: type identity
- review timeline revisions individually, as time allows

homework (in this order)
- post your final theme title, written description, and designer bio to your blog.
- read: “c/id: visual identity and branding for the arts” pp 68-73, 96-105, 153-157, 166-171, on my library reserve shelf.
- begin concepting visuals for your theme. your process for doing this is totally up to you. just keep in mind that you are in the initial stages of building a visual system that will be applied across a wide range of materials. also keep in mind that i expect to see progress during each class session. the next class is the beginning of a long period of making stuff. yay!

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