week 6

for monday, have your concept map tiled out full size black & white and posted for review. i think if you print it at 90% actual size, you can fit it on four 11 x 17 sheets.

also for monday: based on your accumulated knowledge thus far, begin brainstorming a digital timeline of communications touchpoints for potential conference attendees.

- what all artifacts should be produced in support of the conference?
- how far out from the conference does this need to begin? 

the purpose is to identify every point of contact the conference needs to have with attendees, from letting people know the conference is coming up, to helping them find their way while there. this communication process over time will intersect with the various contexts you’ve identified in your concept map. together, they set up the framework in which the design system can happen. at each touchpoint, identify whether the communication should be predominantly poetic, persuasive, or practical.

read for monday: “having an experience” by john dewey

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