week 6

for the remainder of the semester, we will be examining the idea of “typographic systems” using a more holistic approach. the specific object of study will be a typography conference, but the concepts learned about typography and communication design should be generalizable to a range of communications problems. we will be conducting a lot of background research and identifying a range communications problems based on this theme.

this week: develop a digital concept map identifying various aspects of what a “conference” is. as starting points on the map, identify the conference’s setting(s), artifacts/objects involved, interactions, and participants. use indesign or illustrator with a page size of 3 ft by 2 ft. text and image are acceptable.

i encourage you to consider working in groups for this project, based on similarity of experiment areas. you need to be able to justify how your themes relate. for the concept map, i'd like for the final form to be worked on individually, but ideas can be shared if you find that hepful. 

concept mapping links:
a link to skim through, from the man that invented concept maps
a great example of an image-oriented concept map

the concept map will be a quick two-week graded project, due monday march 24. it will serve as the origin for the remainder of your project work, so work to make it a thorough and all-inclusive idea space, but remember it is subject to revision as you learn more about your project and conferences in general.


Tom Morse-Brown said...

Tyler, that second link you provided doesn't seem to be working... the tips on making your own concept maps...

thenewprogramme said...

tom, i don't know what's up with that link. i will try to find some other resources in a bit.