week 9 A


in class
- discuss "c/id" reading
- “readability vs legibility” lecture + other type detail tidbits
- review test applications in small groups
- work time / individual crits

your identity elements and the conceptual approach should, at a minimum, draw heavily from your experiments. an ideal scenario is for them to be a direct result of new experiments rooted in your theme. now that you know how to ask questions and explore those questions, you should be able to do some small experiments rather quickly as form generation exercises. don't worry about how they look -- worry about whether your questions are interesting and your are pursuing them whole-heartedly.

homework [due mon april 5]
- continue developing more design work for process critique on monday april 5
- browse through “designing brand identity” on my reserve shelf for process ideas on approaching identity design
- post to your blog valuable things you learned from this book [required post]

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