week 8C


in class
review timelines and concept maps as a group
guest lecture: tad carpenter on k.c. design week identity design

required artifact categories for final critique
your work needs to encompass a range of approaches to demonstrate your ability to successfully address a variety of typographic problems. make sure your final set of pieces covers the following areas:

1) emotional/brand-centric pieces
2) rational/info-centric pieces
3) print media
4) screen media (linear or non-linear, interactive or not)

obviously the first two are different comparisons than the last two. you could have a print piece that is emotionally based and a screen piece that is rationally based, or vice versa.

homework [due monday march 29]
- further ideation/visualization of theme typography, colors, formal processes, etc.
- quickly develop three test applications (ex: name tag, directional sign, 1” button, 5-frame 5-second logo animatic, etc). these can be loose, but are meant to force you quickly into making. we will look at your messes in class, so have something to show.

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